PLJ Lemon Juice 500ml


Pure citrus zing and nothing else

Rayner’s PLj has been exciting tastebuds for decades with its naturally sharp taste. As always, PLj Lemon can be used just like fresh lemon juice.

Kick start your day with a dash of PLj Lemon and hot water. Mix with your sweetener of choice and make the perfect lemonade. Alternatively freeze for a refreshing lemon ice lolly or sorbet. You can also add PLJ Lemon to so many evening drinks to help finish off your day.

Not just great to drink, PLj Lemon makes your cookery zing. Make the ultimate lemon drizzle cake, marinade meat and fish for adventurous meals or a zesty dressing for leafy salads. With PLj Lemon you can get creative!

High in vitamin C, No added sugar - contains naturally occurring sugars, Low calorie, No artificial colourings, flavours or sweeteners, Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs


Lemon Juice (90%), Vitamin C, Natural Lemon Flavour, Lemon Oil, Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide (contains Sulphites)


Never drink undiluted. Dilute to taste.
We recommend a dilution of at least four parts water to one part PLj. Approximately 20 x 25ml servings per bottle.

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