Pharma Nord L Carnitine 250mg 125 Capsules


L Carnitine supplements from Pharma Nord contain the only biologically active form of carnitine. Carnitine forms in the liver and kidneys, but levels deplete by intense physical activity. Carnitine is important in the metabolism of fat and energy production within the body. It also helps maintain a healthy heart, skeletal muscle and liver function.

Carnitine is an amino acid-like substance that synthesizes in the body from the amino acid lysine. It is present in many foods and high concentrations can be found in red meats, such as beef or lamb. In comparison, there is little to no carnitine in white meats and vegetables, so vegetarians maybe at risk of deficiency.

Carnitine supplements are available in several chemical forms- only the L-form of carnitine is biologically active (the D-form is inactive). Reduction of carnitine levels can occur from high fat diet, certain drugs (e.g. valproic acid antibiotics) or metabolic stress.



We recommend 1 capsule per day, or as directed by a physician.

Note: Do not chew the capsule; swallow it whole.

Our L Carnitine supplements are also suitabile for vegans and vegetarians.

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