Natures Aid Organic Avocado Oil 250ml


A versatile everyday cooking oil made from organic Avocados.

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The avocado tree, also known as Persea americana, is native to Mexico and Central America. Also known as the Alligator Pear, the Avocado fruit it is actually a berry with a single large seed inside. The oldest evidence of the use of Avocados is from a cave in the Puebla region of Mexico and dates back to 10,000 BC. The Avocado fruit has a very high fat content, significantly more than other fruits and berries, mostly consisting of monounsaturated fatty acids. The oil itself is unusual in that it is extracted from the fleshy pulp of the fruit, whereas most oils are typically extracted from the seeds.

Our Organic Avocado Oil has a very high smoke point of around 480˚F (249˚C) making it a great choice for frying and cooking with. As a culinary oil, our Avocado Oil compares well with olive oil due to the high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids.

Our rich and smooth Organic Avocado Oil is a versatile and tasty and is certified Organic, contains no trans fats, additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.


Pure Organic Avocado Oil (Sourced from Kenya)


FormLiquid Oil
Packaging250ml green glass bottle
Allergy InformationSuitable for vegetarians and vegans. FREE FROM: GMO, artificial colours, artificial flavours, gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy, lactose, salt, sugar, soya and starch
Bblossom Tree health beauty wellness and lifestyle

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