Masons Dog Oil


Mason’s Dog Oil is an odour free 100% Natural massaging oil, made in England since the 1920’s.


This wonderful massaging balm was originally used on racing dogs to sooth their muscles before and after a race. That is how Mason's Dog Oil got its name. It soon became a natural pain relief on the hands of those applying the balm to the dogs.

They started to recommend the oil to everyone with muscle aches or joint pains and the best remedy for their conditions.

A 100 years on, Mason's Dog oil has been the best kept secret for arthritic and muscle pains.  We believe it's time for everyone to hear about it!.

Dog Oil Massage is highly used and recommended by physiotherapists weather used for sport injuries, muscle aches or sore joints. It's viscosity is perfect for massaging wherever a massage is found to be beneficial.


Brassical Oleifera (Rapeseed oil), Petrolatum (Petroleum jelly).


Use wherever massage is beneficial. Apply liberally and rub in thoroughly.

Always read the label

Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children, In the event of an allergic reaction stop using and see your doctor.

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