Herbamare Spicy 125g


Our new Herbamare Spicy is now even spicier! Herbamare Spicy contains a similar blend of organic herbs and vegetables as Herbamare Original, with added chilli powder, black pepper and horseradish for an extra kick.

Our new recipe means that Herbamare Spicy is now spicier than ever!

With the addition of chilli powder, black pepper and horse radish, this spicy seasoning adds an extra kick to your food.

Herbamare Spicy makes an ideal seasoning salt for all manner of dishes such as barbecues, Mexican and Indian dishes, pasta, pizza, lasagne and much, much more.


Sea salt, vegetables and herbs (chilli powder* (3.1%), black pepper* celery*, leek*, cress*, onion*, chives*, parsley*, lovage*, garlic*, horseradish*, basil*, marjoram*, rosemary*, thyme*), and kelp.
* Certified organic

Allergy and intolerance information
Free from MSG, gluten, lactose, milk protein, additives and preservatives.

Allergens shown in bold.

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